The Malvern-Hot Spring County Library was established in 1928, by the Women's Club of Malvern. The Library building and grounds were deeded to the Hot Spring County Library Association, which was comprised of every contributor to the library fund. In 1939, the city of Malvern voted a 2 mil tax for the support of the library. At this time, the library owned 3,000 books. In 1952, the Hot Spring County library was the 2nd library in the state to receive State Aid from the Arkansas Library Commission. The Library's Bookmobile service was started in 1955, with a station wagon used for deliveries. In 1965, the library became part of the Hot Spring County Offices, and the library building was expanded and remodeled. At this time, the library owned 32,000 volumes. In 1974, the Mid Arkansas Regional Library System was formed. It included, Hot Spring County, Saline County, and Grant County. On April 27, 1998, the Library burned down during a thunderstorm. Prior to the fire, the library housed 63,000 items; only 10,000 were able to be saved from the fire. In 2002, the library reopened as the Malvern-Hot Spring County Library. The library is staffed with five full time and five part time employees, and currently has a collection of 59,000 items. The Mid Arkansas Regional Library System currently includes Hot Spring, Cleveland, Dallas, and Grant Counties.