How to Get A Library Card

Who Can Get a Library Card?


Adults who are residents of Hot Spring County or Saline County may apply for a free library card with the required documentation provided.  


Minors who are residents of Hot Spring County or Saline County may receive a library card with an application completed by their legal guardian. The legal guardian of the minor must sign the application to accept financial for any materials borrowed on the minor's card. A minor must accompany their guardian at the time of the application being submitted.

*Note- Arkansas gives minors the same privacy rights as adults, regardless of who signs for financial responsibility.

Ages 16-18

Minors ages 16 to 18 may qualify for a card under either Adult or Minor guidelines depending on the documentation provided. Citizens in this category can qualify to apply for a library card without a legal guardian signing for financial responsibility, provided they can provide their own valid ID and all other documentation required for the issuance of a library card.

Required Documentation

  • Valid Government Issued ID card 
  • Two Items Proving Current Address (Must reflect name as is shown on ID)
  • Telephone Number
  • Two References - Name, Phone Number, and Address (Must live in Hot Spring County and reside at a separate residence than applicant.)