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Student Resources –Elementary & Middle School

Early World of Learning (World Book)
Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
Kids Search (EBSCO) searches of Middle Search Plus, Primary Search, Newspaper
Source, TOPICSearch, EBSCO Animals, & Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia together
Middle Search  (EBSCO)
Novelist, K-8   Fiction reviews
Primary Search (EBSCO)
Searchasaurus (EBSCO)   access to Middle Search Plus, Primary Search, Encyclopedia of
Animals, a general dictionary and encyclopedia in a single search
World Book Kids  (School Edition) World Book Online for Kids (Public Library Edition)
World Book Student  (School Edition) World Book Online Info Finder (Public Library Edition)

Student Resources -  Junior High  and Up

African-American Experience (ABC-Clio)
American Indian Experience (ABC-Clio)
Discovering Collection (Gale)
Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
English Language Learning Reference Center
Latino-American Experience (ABC-Clio)
MAS Ultra School Edition (EBSCO)  magazines and reference materials
Middle Search  (EBSCO)
Novelist K-8  Fiction Reviewing sources
Student Research Center (EBSCO) simultaneous searching of  Middle Search Plus,
MAS Ultra School Edition, Newspaper Source, TOPICSearch and Health Source –
Consumer Edition
World Book Student  (School Edition) World Book Online Info Finder (Public Library Ed.)
World Book Advanced (School Edition)  World Book Online Reference (Public Library Ed.)

World Book eBook Center  (also available in World Book Advanced, World Book Online Info Finder  and World Book Online Reference.
World Book Primary Source Center  (also available through World Book Info Finder and World Book Online Reference.)

Other Resources