Book Awards

Arkansas Book Awards

Charlie May Simon – First awarded in 1971 to an author whose book has been selected through a vote taken by Arkansas school children in grades four, five and six. The purpose of the award is to promote better reading for children and to recognize Mrs. John Gould Fletcher, an outstanding Arkansas author who wrote under the pen name Charlie May Simon.

Diamond Book Award – Arkansas Teen Book Award – First awarded in 1998 to encourage reading for students in Grades K-3. The award was established to encourage reading for students in Grades K-3.  Children in Grades K-3 must have read at least three of the titles from the annual reading list and select one title.

Arkansiana Award – First awarded in 1979, the award is given to the author(s) of a book or other work which represents a significant contribution to Arkansas heritage and culture.

General Book Awards

National Book Awards – Recognizes the best of American literature and raises the cultural appreciation of great writing, promote the enduring value of reading, and advance the careers of established and emerging writers.

Booker Prize – 
Nation Book Critics Circle Award – 
Nobel Prize for Literature – 
Faulkner Award – 
Pulitzer Award – 
American Book Award – 
Hemingway Award –
Walt Whitman Award – 
Nebula Award – 
Hugo Award – 
Agatha Award – 
Edgar Award – 
Black Caucus of the American Library Association Awards – 
Bram Stoker Award – 
Hammett Award – 
James Beard Award – 
Spur Award – 
Rita Award – 

Best Sellers

Being on the New York Best Sellers list could be considered by some to be a book award in its own merit. 

New York Best Sellers List

*For an annotated list of the Best Sellers that the library has or has on order, please see the link on the home page. 

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